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Week 11: Lord of the Rings, Book III (The Two Towers)


Write about ONE theme in Book III, demonstrating how it occurs with three pieces of literary evidence. Write TWO  questions on your assigned chapter. You must write the questions on your assigned chapter. Make comments in response to TWO questions.

Chapter 1: Carolyn, Eric
Chapter 2: Jessica, Diana
Chapter 3: Kristen, Sonja
Chapter 4: Carmen, Jaime
Chapter 5: Emily, Heather S.

Chapter 6: Jason, Heather G.
Chapter 7: Sierra, Lexi
Chapter 8: Miranda, Mysti
Chapter 9: Nuha, Chris
Chapter 10: Katelyn, Meredith
Chapter 11: Tarah, Anna


Week 6: “On Fairy-Stories” and “The Letter to Milton Waldman”


  • How does Tolkien define and explain:
    • fantasy?
    • recovery, escape, consolation?
  • Why is “joy” an important part of defining “fairy-story”?
  • What does Tolkien mean when he says “The Gospels contain a fairy-story” (p. 387)?
  • How does “On Fairy-Stories” help us to understand Tolkien’s eucatastrophic rewritings … and The Hobbit?
  • Consider Tolkien’s “Letter to Milton Waldman” as well. This is essentially the author’s summary of The Silmarillion, which contains many of the legends that form the history of Middle-earth. How can understanding these “back stories” help us to understand The Hobbit?